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Walk, Reflect, and Pray (WRAP)

Pandemic restrictions have altered our usual routines. Things done in groups have given way to individual activities & zoom meetings, changing the way we carry out our daily activities.  


These changes have affected how our parish supports the community. New ways have been required to provide clothing, hygiene kits, meals and funds.


In March there is another new way you can do this. Complete an individual walking program from March 14 to March 31, 2021, and you will provide funds for those in need. In addition, you can take time to reflect and pray.


Here are the steps: 

  • Identify a personal walking goal (i.e, 2 miles a week for 3 weeks in the park). If you cannot get outside, look for a virtual walk online.  Some suggested routes below.

  • Determine what you will reflect on and pray about (scripture, song, reading).  Reflection is taking time to think about a topic with the intent of learning or taking action.  A few resources can be found below.

  • Record your experience (some notes, a journal, take a selfie during the walk).

  • Email Outreach to complete the process. Identify the goal completed, some thoughts on the process, or a selfie.


Your email will also qualify for one $40 donation to your choice of Care for Real or Sarah’s Circle.


So take some time to Walk, Reflect, And Pray!


(Click each entry below)

 - WRAP Process and Resources -


- Graceland Walking Tour -

- Lakefront Walking Tour -

- Rosehill Walking Tour -

Idea: Walking & Reflecting on the Stations of the Cross


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