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Atonement's 2020 pledge Drive

This year we're offering something new! A Thanks Giving Journey...


Everyone knows that November is the time for Thanksgiving. Step into any shop and you’ll find signs reminding you “Give thanks!” or “Be thankful always!” This time of year is full of reminders to be grateful and to acknowledge our blessings.


The Church has always been called to a Thanksgiving life. And in the Church, we boldly claim not just what we are grateful for but who we are grateful to – who it is who has blessed us with all that we have. God is the heart of our life of Thanksgiving. It is in Christ Jesus that we learn how to live that life; it is Christ within us who strengthens and grows our gratitude. And it is the Holy Spirit who inspires us each day to use that gratitude to stoke the fires of our Gospel proclamation so that others may know the Thanksgiving life too.


This November, you are invited to join the Church of the Atonement on our Thanks Giving Journey. This month, Thanks Giving will not be merely a day or a moment, but a voyage, a walk along the way. Beginning on Sunday, November 3, the community of Atonement will begin a journey of Thanks Giving – a time to cultivate our sense of wonder and gratitude, and a time to focus on our generosity and response to God’s great gifts. 


You are invited to join us. You are encouraged to join us. Walk with us for four weeks as we dive deeply into a life of grateful praise. Listen the stories of your neighbors and feel your own stories resonate with theirs. Share what gifts you have found in your own life – some old and some new – and how they inspire you towards generous giving of yourself, your time, and your money. 


And finally, on Sunday, November 24, join us for Commitment Sunday. Offer your pledge of financial support before God in any of the three Masses that day, and then come celebrate with us at a festive, joyful brunch. 


We are ready to walk a Thanks Giving Journey, and we want to walk it with you. Join us!



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