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Our Facilities

The physical property of the Church of the Atonement consists of the church building, the north lawn, the parish hall, the rectory and the parking lot across the street. Below, is some general information about each area of our church property. Please contact the office with specific questions or to inquire about space use. 

The Church

The main church building is the primary worship space for the parish. It seats roughly 350 people, including side chapel seating. This space includes the nave and side aisles, the Mary Shrine, All Saints Chapel, Resurrection Chapel, Columbarium (stairs accessed via the Resurrection Chapel), Choir Loft, Sanctuary and Confessionals (which are located at the northwest corner of the nave). The main church has ramp accessibility which is located to the left of the main entrance on Kenmore. Click here for information about the organ and music programs. 

The North Lawn

photos, uses, entrance

The Parish Hall

photos, rooms and seating, accessibility, etc  

The Rectory

Description of building and use - not available to the public. 

The Parking Lot

entrance, contact for office for parking rental (if available) etc 

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