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Endowment Gifts at Atonement

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's grace.”

Peter 4:10

We ensure our growth and support the future mission of the Church of the Atonement through the endowment fund. We give today so that we might build up our ministries for tomorrow.


The endowment fund is different from other forms of giving in that it creates a preserved pool of funds generating interest income so that our gifts create more impact on our future and growth. The vestry has approved the use of the income from the endowment for capital improvements, additional pastoral ministries, seed money for new ministries, outreach, and special one-time projects.


Giving to the endowment fund is an expression of the joy, gratitude, and abundance we experience today. We recognize the people, intentions, and ministries that brought us to Atonement and share in our desire to be a beacon of God’s love through Jesus Christ.

“I celebrate the people of Atonement who are volunteering their time, talent, and service to help us live our mission. I’m grateful for the community of people here and I give to the fund to support our growth so that others may experience the same joy.” —Anonymous


“I give in honor of my grandmother as a way to share with others the blessing she had in my life. She taught me to be deeply grateful for each day and to share Christ’s love with others. This is my way to honor her memory and to continue in her service and outreach.” —Kathryn


“I give in gratitude for the blessing of God’s hand in my life and the journey that brought me to Atonement. I give so that we may grow in our outreach and share God’s peace.”  


“My estate plan is a way that I honor and respect my loved ones today. Atonement is included in my plan because it allows me to continue doing Christ’s work when I am no longer here.”  —Anonymous

About the Atonement Endowment Fund


The Endowment Fund is an essential pool of preserved and well-managed resources used to further the mission and future of Atonement. The fund was established in 2010 and all assets are held by the Episcopal Church Foundation and managed by State Street Global Advisors.


Making charitable contributions is an art—a creative and personal process that adapts to your changing needs. Planned giving allows you to make charitable gifts, meet your income needs, and take advantage of current tax incentives. We are encouraged as Christians to create an estate plan as faithful stewards of our resources.


Atonement Legacy Society


The Atonement Legacy Society was created to acknowledge the parish’s gratitude and thanksgiving for people who have included the Church of the Atonement in their estate plans. If you would like to discuss a gift to Atonement in your estate plan, please contact the rector. Please fill out the Donor Intention Form below to receive information about how to use your God-given resources to sustain our parish. ​

Estate Planning


Creating a plan now allows you the time to reflect on and legally document your wishes. It’s a loving act to clarify your intentions for the family, friends, and ministries you care about. You can help to ensure Atonement’s future by making its mission an integral part of your estate plan. Share your intention to give and create a plan for your loved ones today. The information we provide is meant to provide an overview. 


Estate planning typically minimizes potential taxes and fees and assures that your assets are distributed as you desire. An effective estate plan provides details on what will happen with your home, your investments, your business, your life insurance, your employee benefits (such as a pension plan), and other personal property in the event that you become disabled or die.


Planned giving comes in many forms:

  • Bequests

  • Charitable Gift Annuities & Charitable Remainder Trusts 

  • Stocks/Securities

  • Life Insurance

  • Retirement Benefit Plans


Learn more about the benefits for each of these options, either online or download the Planned Giving PDF.

The examples and information provided are for illustrative and informative purposes only and should not be considered tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax or legal advisor about proceeding with your gift plan. 

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