Endowment GIFTS


There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. - Corinthians 12:4


Sustaining our Mission


To further the mission and ensure its future, The Church of the Atonement established the Atonement Endowment Guild in 2010.  The Guild is comprised of clergy and lay members who act as stewards of and oversee the growth of the fund, thus ensuring the sustainability of the church for future generations. All assets are held in the name of the Atonement Endowment Fund and are currently held and managed by Morgan Stanley. 

Resources for the Future


The Atonement Endowment Fund is entrusted with the sacred task of sustaining and nourishing our beloved church in the years to come, so that the light of Atonement will continue to shine and grow in our neighborhood as a beacon of God’s love through Jesus Christ.

The Endowment Fund forms an essential pool of preserved and well managed resources upon which our church and parish can depend in lean times and serves as a well of blessed abundance from which new outreach and community engagement springs forth in times of abundance.  

Ways to Support Atonement’s Future

Making charitable contributions is an art—a creative and personal process that adapts to your changing needs as a donor. Planned giving allows you to make charitable gifts, continue to meet your income needs and take advantage of current tax incentives. 

There are many ways to ensure the future of The Church of the Atonement. One of the most powerful tools you have is your will! And there are other ways for you to benefit as you support The Church of the Atonement. 


Members of the Church of the Atonement Endowment Guild strongly encourage all donors to seek appropriate legal counsel; this information is provided as only an overview. 

There are many ways you can exercise today to ensure our parish’s tomorrow. 

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