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Giving at Atonement

Most of the work of the Church of the Atonement is based on the stewardship and contributions of our members and friends. We believe God gives us everything we have and everything we are and that we are called on to use our time, talents and treasures for His works.


Many thanks to those of you who have contributed to the many ministries of our parish. Your gifts are essential to these ministries and we are grateful.

A very large majority of our parish income is derived from the pledges made during the annual Stewardship Campaign. Those pledges are paid by bringing or mailing your contribution to the church or by giving electronically ("Online Giving") through this website. Whether you use the pledge envelope or the Online Giving method, the Church will keep track of your giving and supply you with an annual contribution report which you may use in filing your income taxes. Giving electronically is becoming increasingly more convenient for individuals as we become used to paying our other bills online and paperless. We believe giving electronically will appeal to many of our church members.

Online Giving allows you to make a one-time contribution or to set up a schedule of automatic donations. By setting up a password protected profile, you will be able to log in at any time to make donations, change a recurring donation plan or view your personal giving history. Online Giving is good for the church in that it reduces the amount of time necessary for staff to process cash and checks. Online Giving is also good for the environment because it eliminates paper used for check processing.

With Online Giving you can also use your debit or credit card for your church pledge commitment.

As you contemplate your future giving to the Church of the Atonement, please consider Online Giving.


Set up online giving.


2023 Annual Campaign

You matter.

With your pledge of financial support, we build a community and share God’s love with each other and the world through our worship, faith formation, pastoral care, parish life, and outreach. As you pray about what you will pledge in support of Atonement’s ministries for 2023, we encourage you to meditate on your own experience of God’s love.

Worship is the central purpose for our gathering, whether it is on Sunday mornings or throughout the week. It is through inspiration, contemplation, and interactions with others that we develop a faith community that feeds our spiritual needs and the world around us. Our community thrives because of you and the unique gifts of time, talent, and treasure you offer.

Your commitment to sustaining and expanding our faith formation—Sunday school, parish forums, and small group discussions—converts the gospel into action. These learning opportunities provide us with the tools to translate our centuries-old traditions into caring for the modern world. We can change lives through a growing faith and deeper understanding of God because of you.


We care for the pastoral needs of the Atonement family, visiting those who are homebound or in the hospital and assuring those in need that they are in our hearts and prayers. We gather through shared meals, our celebrations of joy and sorrow, and the telling and listening to our stories. The time we spend giving of ourselves touches others in ways that we may never know. But through these relationships, you matter.

The church’s relationships exist through the interpersonal relationships, but we unite to live out God’s command to love one another by committing to help a troubled world. We reach beyond our walls with ministries that support the marginalized—refugees, the hungry, and those in need. You provide them with examples of God’s love through your actions and financial support.

While the traditional Biblical tithe is 10%, we are asking for a pledge of at least 5% from parishioners but invite you to contribute what you can. Your generosity is essential to our mission. We ask you, out of your love for God and your parish community, to pray and reflect on making or increasing your pledge to Atonement. Because you matter to Atonement, to God, and to each other.


Pledge now.

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