"Sing unto the Lord a new song; sing his praise in the congregation of the faithful."

Psalm 149:1

Stewardship message from Mother Erika Takacs:


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Sing unto the Lord a new song, the psalm commands, and we respond with a leap of our hearts – yes! Yes, of course we will sing a new song. Singing a new song sounds like a blessing and a joy, and we are glad to lend our voices to the task.

Of course, singing a new song involves more than just a leap of the heart. Any of us who have taken voice lessons know that learning a new song requires an investment of time and energy –and often, money. When you first get a new piece of music, you hold the score in your hands and look it over, full of eager anticipation. You see the pristine pages and imagine how they will soon be filled with scribbled reminders about breathing or interpretation or technique. But before you dive into those specifics, you first must listen. You play the song through on the piano, or sing it in your head, or find a good recording. Once you’ve spent some time listening, you begin to study thepiece more intently, using the score to help you learn what the composer first heard when she wrote the piece. You look at the tempo and dynamic markings, study the text, and explore the style of the accompaniment. It is only after all of this that you begin to figure out how the music fits with your unique voice. You finally start to sing, and you quickly begin to discover which parts of this song flow easily from your lips and which parts are challenging. You take the song to a teacher or a coach and explore together if there is something you have to learn in order to sing this new song, some new technique to try, some new mode of expression to explore. This work can be joyful and frustrating – and complicated and surprising and uncomfortable and inspiring. As we learn to sing new songs, we necessarily learn a lot about where our own skills and gifts lie. We learn, too, where we need help, and we learn about the talents of others as we see how they sing the songswe’ve been given.

Read Mtr. Erika's Stewardship Letter 

Most of the work of the Church of the Atonement is based on the stewardship and contributions of our members and friends. We believe God gives us everything we have and everything we are and that we are called on to use our time, talents and treasures for His works. Many thanks to those of you who have contributed to the many ministries of our Parish. Your gifts are essential to these ministries and we are grateful.

A very large majority of our parish income is derived from the pledges made during the annual Stewardship Campaign.   Those pledges are paid by bringing or mailing your contribution to the church or by giving

electronically ("Online Giving") through this website.   For those individuals who prefer to have pledge envelopes, please contact the church office to receive envelopes.  Whether you use the pledge envelope or the Online Giving method, the Church will keep track of your giving and supply you with an annual contribution report which you may use in filing your income taxes. Giving electronically is becoming increasingly more convenient for individuals as we become used to paying our other bills online and paperless. We believe giving electronically will appeal to many of our church members.

Online Giving allows you to make a one-time contribution or to set up a schedule of automatic donations. By setting up a password protected profile, you will be able to log in at any time to make donations, change a recurring donation plan or view your personal giving history.   Online Giving is good for the church in that it reduces the amount of time necessary for staff to process cash and checks.   Online Giving is also good for the environment because it eliminates paper used for check processing.

With Online Giving you can also use your debit or credit card for your church pledge commitment.

As you contemplate your future giving to the Church of the Atonement, please consider Online Giving.

CLICK HERE to set up Online Giving.

What is Stewardship? 

Stewardship: the selfless return of the blessings bestowed on each of us by God.


Whether by volunteering, making regular offerings or participating in prayer, you can make unique contributions that keep the Church of the Atonement strong. Your gifts of time, talent and treasure represent stewardship.

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In the fall of each year our parish conducts its annual Stewardship Campaign. It is during this time that each of our members who are able reflect on the amount of money they can comfortably contribute to our Parish in the following year. At the end of our Campaign, our Treasurer, Finance Guild and Vestry create our working budget for the following year.  Since more than 90% of our Parish income comes from our annual Stewardship Campaign, our budget closely reflects the total amount of those annual pledges. Pledge Now


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