Children's formation


Church of the Atonement maintains a nursery which serves children under the age of four every Sunday from ( 9 am until 12:30 pm.  The room contains many age appropriate toys, books, and art supplies, and is staffed by childcare workers who have many years of experience working with very young children, and are well versed in child development.  The room also provides a comfortable space for nursing mothers and their babies.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a program for children ages three to six which strives to nurture a child's innate love and knowledge of God.  Through a variety of hands-on, concrete materials, the teacher, called a catechist, assists each child to deepen his/her understanding of God using the image of the Good Shepherd.  From Scripture we know that the Good Shepherd calls his sheep by name, knows them, and cares for them.  This has a deep connection for these young children whose basic needs are for love, safety, and caring.

Saving Wisdom

Saving Wisdom is the program that Church of the Atonement uses for children ages six to twelve.  The curriculum runs in a three-year cycle, and  over the course of the years, the topics cover Holy Scripture from Genesis through Revelation--Creation to the end of time.  Additionally, the children learn about the Sacraments and Liturgy of the Christian Tradition as well as the traditions of Judaism and Islam.  The program strives to build on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd by nurturing the child's desire to know more about God, him/herself, and, a person's relationship with God.   

Additional Information

The lead catechists in Good Shepherd and Saving wisdom have a minimum of 100 hours of professional training and a minimum of three years of classroom experience.  These people have a true commitment to the spiritual development of the children of our parish.  The assisting catechists and nursery workers receive on-going support ant training within the parish.

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