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During the week of August 9th, 2020, we pray for the healing and comfort of those for whom we now offer our prayers.


For the Sick: Edith, Cheuk Hon, Ura, Skip, Rosemary, Barbara, Tom, Evelyn, Carol Ann, Michael, Gloria, Betty, Stephen, religious; Steven, priest; Stan, deacon; Ryan, Killian, Maurine, Gretchen, Jose, Richard Thomas, religious; Andy, Susan, Karen, Loni, Mark, priest; Sharon, the Chicago Police Officer still hospitalized from the July 30 shooting; Jose, Patrick, Neuman, the thousands injured in Beirut on Aug 4, and all infected and affected by Covid-19.


For those needing special prayers, Maria, Richard, Christopher, Judith, Frank, Barbara, Joe, Steve, Robert, priest; Austin, Hope, Daniel, Itzel and the Dirzo family, and all those who mourn.


For those in the restaurant and hospitality industry who have returned to work, and for musicians and other artists who are still out of work; for all health care workers, especially Joseph Basil, Jackie, Gary, Will, Choy, Erica K., Larry, Ciaran, Lee, Kari, Anthony, William, Eric, Lisa, and Thomas; for all essential workers, especially Duane, Tommy, Scott, Rose, Cecil, and Robert; for all families and children in this city and state, and for our neighbors in Edgewater, especially those who are alone, out of work, or sick; and for all prisoners, especially Oscar Roy, Laz, and Jorge.

For the members of our Military Services on active duty: Andre, Rique (RICKY), Owen, Terence, and Max.


Gary Norcross (Aug 9)

Gregory Bradley (Aug 9)

Luis Garcia-Juarez (Aug 12)

John Mockridge (Aug 12)

Leo Williams (Aug 12)

Peter Benitez (Aug 13)

David Dalton (Aug 13)

Gale Meade (Aug 13)

Andie Moody (Aug 13)

Barbara Newman (Aug 14)

Lola Agunloye (Aug 15)

Nathan Nearbin (Aug 15)

Eric Nygren (Aug 15)

Jeffrey Thomas (Aug 15)

Lily Weglarz (Aug 15)


Wedding Anniversaries:

Larry & Kathy Fox (Aug 9)

Jerry DeMuth & Rosemary Gooden (Aug 10)

Gregory & Jeannine Singleton (Aug 11)


Larry R. Peters (Aug 5)

Hillary Hawthorne (Aug 9)

Cecelia Armand (Aug 9)

Emily Nugent (Aug 9)

James Parseghian (Aug 10)

Leonard Stewart (Aug 10)

Darrell Fox (Aug 12)

Grace E. Hibbert (Aug 13)

Daphne Daume (Aug 13)

Roland Young (Aug 14)

Ronald Hoiberg (Aug 14)

Derron Warner (Aug 14)

Raymond Bonilla, Sr. (Aug 15)

Bob Griefnow (RIP)

Muriel Louise Iverson (RIP), sister of Helen Lambin

Alex Nadel (RIP)

Joy Phenes

Those killed in the Beirut explosion on Tuesday Aug 4

Those killed in the Air India crash

All who have died of Covid-19

May these and all our intercessions be acceptable in your sight, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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