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During the week of October 4th, 2020, we pray for the healing and comfort of those for whom we now offer our prayers.


For the Sick: Cheuk Hon, Ura, Skip, Rosemary, Tom, Barbra, Stephen (a religious), Sharon, Janice, Karla, Mary, Anna, Rick, Brian (a priest), Richard Thomas (a religious), David (a pastor), Michael W., Art, Gregory, Kristy, Greg, Killian, Jim, Scott, Stan, Edith, Jean Ann, Dave, Betty, Anne, Donald, the president, and Melania, the first lady;and all infected and affected by Covid-19.

For those needing special prayers, For all those who mourn, and for Jason (a religious), Andy, Mingo, Danetta, and Joaquin...for Bishop Rodney, David, and the Michel family...for Julie and the Harris and Cuevas families…for the Quiroga family… and for firefighters and all affected by the wildfires in California, Oregon, and Washington State.

For those in the restaurant and hospitality industry who have returned to work and those who are still unemployed; for musicians and other artists who are out of work; for all healthcare workers, especially Joseph Basil, Jackie, Gary, Will, Choy, Erica K., Larry, Ciaran, Lee, Kari, Anthony, William, Eric, Lisa, and Thomas; for all essential workers, especially Duane, Tommy, Scott, Rose, Cecil, and Robert; for all families and children in this city and state; for students, teachers and administrators as the new school year continues; for our neighbors in Edgewater, especially those who are alone, out of work, or sick; and for all prisoners, especially Oscar Roy, Laz, and Jorge.

For the members of our Military Services on active duty: Andre, Rique (RICKY), Owen, Terence, and Max.


Kate Jarvie-Cain (Oct 4)

Dana Jasper (Oct 4)

Gregory Holmes Singleton (Oct 4)

Mark Cappetta (Oct 5)

Myles Thorpe (Oct 5)

Br. Stephen Wetmore, CMJ (Oct 5)

Natalie O'Callaghan (Oct 5)

Don Hovey (Oct 7)

Therese Maureen Nutley (Oct 8)

Anthony Chung (Oct 10)

Daniel Garza (Oct 10)

Saleh Baggash (Oct 10)

Levi Rowan Strassberg (Oct 10)

Wedding Anniversaries:

Fr. Harry Tingley & Gary Jensen (Oct 9)

Matthew & Anne Katzfey (Oct 10)

Albert & Amanda Kim (Oct 10)

Christopher & Nathan Cornish-Raley (Oct 10)



For the baptism of Noris Stevie Englund on Saturday, October 3rd


Gary Dunlap (Oct 4)

Robert McGowan (Oct 5)

Volker Kokott (Oct 6)

Cheryl Argonne (Oct 6)

Yvonne Murillo (Oct 6)

Alfred Bjorklund (Oct 7)

Francis Sutton (Oct 7)

Br. Damian Curtis Kellum, BSG (Oct 9)

Maureen Conlon

Ralph Osborne

Those who have died in the wildfires

Carol Ann Fisher

Rebecca Cuevas (RIP)

Kathy May (RIP)

Clementina Sales dos Santos (RIP)

Olga Quiroga (RIP)

All who have died of Covid-19

May these and all our intercessions be acceptable in your sight, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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