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During the week of May 31, 2020, we pray for the healing and comfort of those who are listed here:


For the Sick: Cheuk Hon, Ura, Skip, Rosemary, Barbra, Tom, Evelyn, Stephen, religious; David, pastor; Jennifer, Steve, Pearl, Gabby, Susie, Sunny, Esther, Shenny, Enrique, Noel, Walter, C. Jim, Richard John, religious; Sue, Yvonne, Richard, the OFM Capuchin Friars in Chicago with Covid-19, and all others infected and affected by Covid-19.


For those needing special prayers, the people of Minneapolis, the Bergman family, Michael S., Christopher, Noelle, Wayne, Tony and the Chung family, Judith and the McKoy family, Enoch John, religious; Frank, Barbara, Joe, Steve, the Small family, and all those who mourn.


For those in the restaurant and hospitality industry, for musicians and other artists who are out of work, for all health care workers, especially Joseph Basil, Jackie, Gary, Will, Choy, Erica K., Larry, Ciaran (KEER-in), Lee, Kari, Anthony, William, Eric, Lisa, and Thomas; for all essential workers, especially Duane, Tommy, and Scott; for all those whose surgeries have been postponed; for all families and children in this city; and for all Asian-Americans suffering persecution during this time. For our neighbors in Edgewater, especially those who are alone, out of work, or sick.


For the members of our Military Services on active duty: Andre, Rique, Owen, Terence, Scott, and Max.



Michael Bauschelt (May 31)

Victor Browne (May 31)

Richard Kieckhefer (June 1)

Jimmy Wysinger (June 1)

Elizabeth Sharpe (June 1)

Tom Elkins (June 2)

Manapat Kachintagsa (June 2)

Melissa Catterton (June 3)

Yuan-Qing Yu (June 4)

Angela Gresser (June 5)

Ryan Lindsey (June 5)

Shari Townsend (June 6)


Wedding Anniversary:

Dave & Debbie Barford (June 1)

David Hughes & Staci Horn (June 2)

Ron Pingel & Jeanne Huchthausen (June 5)

Diaconal Ordination Anniversaries:

Dean Joy Rogers (May 31)

Mother Anne Wrider (June 2)

Fr. Robert Cristobal (June 3)


Priestly Ordination Anniversary:

Fr. John David van Dooren (May 31)

Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (June 2)


Bernice Funk (June 1)

Fr. Abe Ediger (June 1)

Lorna Jean Biagoli (June 2)

Hilda G. Dreisbach (June 3)

Elise Montgomery Hartung (June 4)

Patricia Krause (June 5)

Maria Luisa Garcia

Mee Kam

Janice Valentine

Joy Phenes

Carmella Velon

Lurline McKoy

George Floyd

Anne Small

All who have died of Covid-19

May these and all our intercessions be acceptable in your sight, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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