Weekly Prayer List

During the week of Nov. 21, 2021, we pray for the healing and comfort of those for whom we now offer our prayers.

For the sick: Ura, James, Killian, Ronald, Vicki, Graeme, Barbara, Art, Natalie, Wes, Patti, Rosa, Gary, Demond, Tom, Gretchen, Chris, Jonathon, Steve, Frederick, Richard, Svetlana, Gene, Cheuk Hon, Ellen, Dorothy, Joyce, Carolyn, Maurine, Waneta, Rodney, a bishop; and all with Covid-19.


For those needing special prayers: Rob, Catherine, Avery, Julie, Sean B., Larry, Mark, Eileen, Carole, Scott Michael, a religious, the Pomerenk family; for expectant mothers, and for all who mourn.


For those who have returned to commuting and work, and for those still working remotely; for all healthcare workers, especially Joseph Basil, Jackie, Gary, Will, Choy, Erica K., Larry, Ciaran, Lee, Kari, Anthony, William, Eric, Lisa, Thomas, and Emily; for all families and children in this city and state; for our neighbors in Edgewater, especially those who are alone, out of work, or sick; and for all prisoners, especially Oscar Roy, Laz, Jorge, and Mingo.

For members of our military services on active duty: Andre, Rique, Owen, Max, and Celeste; and for Scott serving as security in Baghdad.

For Paula, bishop-elect of the Diocese of Chicago, her husband Andrew, and their families.


Nov. 21: Rodney Clough

Nov 22: The Rev’d Scott Zaucha; Hanna d'Onyeisi; Larnardo Williams Jr. 

Nov. 23: Gilda Potter; Andrew Reeb; Sal Martinez

Nov. 24: Gary Taylor Jr.; Evie Coe

Nov. 25: Pauline Sachar; Sarah al-Naser; Cate Schmittle; Ashlie Sandoval

Nov. 26: Andre & Andrea Jalloh; Maryjayne Allen; Maitland Young; Travis Stacy Moose

Nov. 27: Shana Vialdores



Nov. 21: Christopher & Prill Nugent

Nov. 27: Ken & Kathy Cooper

For the Departed 

June Thomas, a Religious

Christine, a Religious 

Hilda Figueroa 

All who have died of Covid-19

And, at the anniversaries of their deaths, for

Nov. 21: Gladys Marie Heber; John Fleckenstein; Helen Richardson

Nov. 23: Robert Clark Rolofson

Nov. 24: Charles Flusky

Nov. 25: Albert Henry Lewis Winslow; Joan Elizabeth Constance Winslow

Nov. 26: Arbra Davis; Mary Kay; James C. Pate

Nov. 27: Linda Frisch

May these and all our intercessions be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, our strength and our redeemer.