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Back-to-School Outreach Opportunities

We have two opportunities for parishioners to help students launch the new school year  and both are time sensitive.


1. Our traditional backpacks and school supplies for students at Swift School

Our annual Backpacks for Swift involves buying a backpack or providing school supplies for primary and intermediate students that will be distributed by the school. Almost three-quarters of the student body at Swift live in low-income households and many will come to school Aug. 21 with no backpack and no supplies.

How can we help? 


  • Go to a local store or online and buy a backpack; bring it to church next week

  • Visit an office supply store or online to buy bulk quantities of supplies

  • Donate $30 online through our website’s Giving tab and check “Special Donation: Backpack to School.”


Outreach will buy what is needed. Order or donate online donate by Aug. 17 for delivery or drop off by Aug. 19.

2. Scholarships for kids in our sister churches in Chiapas, San Benito and San Mateo


The Chiapas Scholarship Program is challenged this year due to the expanded congregations at our sister churches and increased number of kids applying; each of the four Chicago churches in the Chiapas Project is contributing $800 to fund the applications. Atonement has a challenge gift to match the first $400 given. Any excess will be designated for scholarships.


How can we help? 


  • Write a check to cover one or more scholarships: primary students receive $36; secondary $64; high school $88; university $122.

  • Checks should be made to Atonement: Chiapas scholarships 


The deadline for scholarships is Fri., Aug. 26.

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