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Wellness Resources during the Stay-at-Home Order

Suddha Weixler at Chicago Yoga Center

His free classes seem to rotate, instructions are on his site here… He is traditional Hatha yoga, always slow moving and interesting in how he isolates each posture and invites you to explore mind body connect.


Anna Schabold at Yoga Tree Chicago

She practices forest yoga and also has a really nice candlelight practice as well as personal training. Her classes are all donation based. 

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Will Donnelly at Practical Yoga from Hawaii

His practice incorporates many different types of spiritual practices and yoga styles, like Kundalini, so it’s often about sound, chanting, movement and meditation. He is one of the best healers I’ve met and to practice with him again is such a beautiful gift.


Scott Kinsloe at Phoenix Yoga Project

He teaches ‘karma’ yoga, free classes in great locations like the beach! The teachers get their ‘hours’ as they teach and students get access to free classes in fun locations. He is sending out emails each day with YouTube classes and meditation recommendations that have been so helpful for me when I find myself in a funk. Today’s class was a meditation on gratitude and the movement.

Pathways to Wholeness

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