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Parish Forums

We invite you to explore our shared faith through Parish Forums throughout the year. On Sundays at 10 a.m. we meet in the Elizabethan Room.

An overview of outreach at Atonement

Sun., May 26

We have had forums on particular outreach initiatives, but this Sunday’s forum will give parishioners a broad overview of all that our Outreach Guild does and will discuss how outreach has developed in recent years.  Parishioners may learn about projects they don’t know about, and in any case should come away with a clearer sense of how the parish’s resources get allocated. What do you think?

The Spirituality of Bread

Sun., June 9

The Rev’d Meghan Murphy-Gill speaks on the spirituality of bread— Mother Meghan was our seminarian at Atonement and serves now at the Church of the Ascension. She will make a return visit to speak about her recently published book, The Sacred Life of Bread: Uncovering the Mystery of an Ordinary Loaf (Broadleaf Books, 2023). The book explains how bread satisfied spiritual as well as physical longings. We know about its significance in Christianity, but bread-related prayers and proverbs figure in other religious traditions. Both ordinary and sacred, bread opens a path toward insight into ourselves, the world around us, and those with whom we share.

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