Upcoming Parish Forums

Atonement organizes a number of parish forums to explore our common faith, expand our thinking, and examine our place in God's creation. Please join us for these forums held on Sundays at 10 a.m.

Nov. 6

Br Ron Fox BSG & Br Will White CMJ

The Brotherhood of St Gregory and the Community of the Mother of Jesus

We are fortunate at Atonement to have representatives of both the Brotherhood of St Gregory (founded 1969 in New York) and the Community of the Mother of Jesus (founded at Atonement in 2011). These communities have complementary missions. Both can be seen as outgrowths of the Anglo-Catholic revival of religious orders and communities.


Nov. 13

The Rev’d  Anne Wrider

Telling the Truth: God and Theatre

Sanford Meisner defined acting as “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” I would define living the Christian life as living truthfully under real circumstances. What makes a play great is its ability to tell the truth about the human condition. What makes Jesus able to change lives is his ability to tell the truth about the human condition. That’s the intersection of theatre and faith/spirituality.


Nov. 20

Richard Kieckhefer

Notable Anglo-Catholic Churches of England and America

What makes a parish–or a church building–Anglo-Catholic?  The Oxford Movement was founded in the medieval church of St Mary the Virgin in Oxford, which remains a center of liberal Anglo-Catholicism. The Church of the Advent in Boston, Saint Mary the Virgin in Manhattan, and countless other churches were built in traditional architectural style and are known for Anglo-Catholic liturgy. But St Paul’s, Bow Common, also self-identifies as Anglo-Catholic although its building is decidedly modern and its liturgy is quite different in spirit than one might expect. This forum will explore the variety of Anglo-Catholic parishes and church buildings.