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Reconciliation (Confession)

There are times in the life of every Christian when they begin to feel a sense of separation from God, when they begin to wander away from the way of following Christ. It is for these times that the Church has seen fit to offer the sacrament of Reconciliation, or the sacrament of Confession. In this rite, a Christian comes before a priest of the Church to confess their sins – to put words to the actions and thoughts that have been separating them from God and to affirm a desire to put a stop to this separation through the amendment of life. The priest, through the power given to them by the Church, then offers counsel, encouragement, and guidance before offering absolution and forgiveness. 

Many members of the Episcopal Church make Confession a regular practice, making time regularly to take stock of their sins and to reconcile themselves to God. Advent and Lent, those two holy seasons of preparation, are particularly good times to avail ourselves of this sacrament. 

If you are interested in making your Confession, please contact Mother Erika.

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