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Summer Camps

Summer Arts Camp 2019.jpeg

Summer Arts Camp

Aug. 9–13, 2021
9:00–11:00 a.m.

Save the Date: This year’s summer arts camp will be from Aug. 9–13. This year we’re continuing to partner with St James Cathedral for our summer offerings. Older kids (ages 8+) are encouraged to register for Summer in the City with St James, and younger kids (ages 3–7) can register for Summer Arts Camp. This year, we're excited to have John Perryman, Atonement dad and experienced music educator, to join us for the camp.

Summer in the City

Jul. 19–30, 2021

St James Cathedral will host Summer in the City offering young people ages 8–13 an adventure in our great city. This free day-camp brings youth, staff, volunteers together for art, kayaking, pottery, music, dancing, photography, and food. This year's camp offering will include outdoor activities and adventures along with and materials for activities at home and throughout the city. Learn more.

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