A Weekly Reflection from our Rector

31 October 2019

The Journey

Welcome to our Thanks Giving Journey!
Throughout the month of November, the Church of the Atonement will focus on finding
gratitude. Below you’ll find the first of several videos of reflections by Atonement
parishioners on their own reasons for giving thanks, and this coming Sunday you will be
invited to reflect on this question yourself:


– What am I grateful for?

Sometimes gratitude comes easily and naturally. In a moment of extreme love or
extreme beauty, we find our hearts soaring with an awareness of just how blessed we
are. But there are other times when our gratitude is far from automatic and we have so
search around, dig a little, to find something to inspire any thanks at all. Finding a sense
of gratitude is a practice; it’s something we have to work on, day after day, whether we
feel inspired or not. Growing our gratitude feels like work sometimes, but it is work that
leads to a new attentiveness to our lives and a new appreciation for the large and little
gifts we find there. It is work that leads to a heightened awareness of the holy. It is work
that leads us home to God.

Finding our gratitude is a journey, and like any journey, it is one best taken together. I
hope that you’ll join us as we practice finding our gratitude this month in this holy,
Thanks Giving Journey.

Yours in Christ,


The Rev’d Erika L. Takacs, Rector

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